Construction Average Salaries in United States August 2022

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:Aug 29,2022
Construction Average Salaries in United States August 2022

Consider the average salaries in the US construction industry for August 2022. According to our data, the average annual salary in the construction industry is $64,700. The highest paid construction professionals include Construction Project Manager ($85,700/year), Construction Manager ($84,200/year) and Real Estate Developer ($79,800/year). The lowest wages in the construction industry are Carpenter ($44,200/year), Sheet Metal Worker ($44,200/year) and Construction Worker ($46,500/year).

U.S. Average Salaries Construction in August 2022

$64,700 / year
$5,391/ per month
$1,347/ per week

Average salaries in the construction industry by specialty in August 2022

Structural Engineer = $71,400/year
Sheet Metal Worker = $44,200/year
Carpenter = $44,200/year
Civil Engineer = $68,400/year
Construction Engineer = $70,700/year
Construction Foreman = $65,400/year
Construction Project Manager = $85,700/year
Construction Worker = $46,500/year
Home Inspector = $58,000/year
Building Inspector = $51,000/year
Real Estate Developer = $79,800/year
Lineman = $71,300/year
Construction Estimator = $62,400/year
Construction Manager = $84,200/year
Construction Superintendent = $77,500/year
Crane Operator = $68,400/year
Heavy Equipment Operator = $51,200/year

U.S. Highest Salaries by "Construction" August 2022

1. Construction Project Manager
2. Construction Manager
3. Real Estate Developer

U.S. Lowest Salaries by "Construction" August 2022

1. Carpenter
2. Sheet Metal Worker
3. Construction Worker

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