Cost of living in Miami in 2017, Florida. Prices for food, transport, real estate

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:Apr 16,2017

Miami is the perfect place to relax. Especially for those who are planning to buy a resort property. Real estate here is cheaper than in many major US cities (Los Angeles, New York and others). The main drawback of moving and living in Miami is the high unemployment rate. Finding a good and high-paying job is problematic. The cost of living here remains high (it is 15-20% higher than the US average). The main advantages of life include: the best beaches of Florida, rich nightlife, developed transport system, warm weather throughout the year (average annual temperature + 19.6 ° C). What are the monthly costs of living in 2017-2018? Consider the cost of living and prices for food, real estate, entertainment, cafes, restaurants and transportation.

№ 1. Prices in Cafes and Restaurants in Miami

№ 2. The cost of food in shops and supermarkets Miami

The main basket of food products: vegetables, fruits, cigarettes, alcohol, meat, cheese, milk and much more.

№ 3. Rent Per Month and Buy Apartment Price

№ 4. Utilities (Monthly)

What are the monthly expenses for utility bills? (Gas, water, electricity, garbage disposal). Including small expenses (mobile communication and the Internet)

 № 5. Transportation in Miami

№ 6. Cost of entertainment, clothes and shoes

№ 7. Prices for hotels in Miami

Prices for hotels of different categories (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars).

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