Cost of living in New Orleans in 2017. Prices for food, rent of apartments, transport

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:Mar 30,2017

New Orleans is the most attractive city for tourists, visitors from other states and cities of the USA. How much is life in the largest city of Louisiana? The cost of living in New Orleans in 2017 includes the following costs: Food, apartment rental, utilities, transport, taxi.

№ 1. Prices in restaurants, cafes and fast-food establishments in New Orleans in 2017

Including the cost of drinks: beer, soda, cappuccino

№ 2. Prices for food in supermarkets, shops and markets in New Orleans in 2017

Basket of popular food products: vegetables, fruits, cigarettes, beer, wine, meat and much more

№ 3. Prices for transport, taxis and gasoline in New Orleans

№ 4. Interest on mortgages and average monthly net salary in New Orleans

№ 5. Communal payments (Utilities, Monthly)

№ 6. Rent per month, buy apartment price 2017 in New Orleans

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