Cost of living in New Orleans in 2018

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New Orleans – is a unique city in the state of Louisiana with different cultures, diverse architecture and interesting museums. How much is life New Orleans in 2018? The editors of the site will tell about the approximate cost of living in New Orleans in 2018 with prices for utilities, apartment rentals and food in supermarkets.

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№ 1. Utility payments and apartment rentals in New Orleans 2018

Apartments rent

Number of roomsLocationPrice (rent per month)
Apartment (1 bedroom). 430 sqft (40 m2)City Centre1400 $
Apartment (1 bedroom). 430 sqft (40 m2)Outside of Centre835 $
Apartment (2 bedroom). 645 sqft (60 m2)City Centre1760 $
Apartment (2 bedroom). 645 sqft (60 m2)Outside of Centre1095 $
Apartment (3 bedroom). 915 sqft (85 m2)City Centre2120 $
Apartment (3 bedroom). 915 sqft (85 m2)Outside of Centre1355 $

Utility payments

AreaUtility payments for 1 month (gas, water, electricity, garbage, heating)
Apartment (1 bedroom) or studio 430 sqft (40 m2)120 $
Apartment (2 bedroom). 645 sqft (60 m2)150 $
Apartment (3 bedroom). 915 sqft (85 m2)185 $

№ 2. Food prices in New Orleans in 2018

Price list with food prices in supermarkets and stores in New Orleans: vegetables, fruits, beer, cigarettes, water, juices, mineral water, meat, milk, bread and cereals.

Food in New Orleans in supermarkets and shopsOZ, gallon, lbUSD
Milk, meat, seafood
Milk1 gallon4.10
Organic Reduced Fat Milk1 gallon7.40
Organic Coconut Milk13 oz2.80
Cottage Cheese6 oz3.00
Local Cheese1 lb6.50
Ground Bison1 lb13.00
Ground Pork1 lb7.40
Chicken Breasts 1 lb3.80
Beef Round1 lb5.00
Skinless Chicken Thigh1 lb7.00
Pork Patties 1 lb8.00
Whole Chicken 1 lb3.85
Tilapia Filet1 lb11.40
Salmon Fillet1 lb15.00
Shrimp 1 lb22.00
Fruits and vegetables
Banana1 lb0.60
Oranges1 lb2.90
Apples 1 lb1.70
Strawberries16 oz 5.50
Raspberries12 oz 4.40
Broccoli 1 lb1.50
Cucumber1 lb1.20
Tomato 1 lb1.76
Potato 1 lb0.95
Bell Pepper1 lb1.70
Red Plums1 lb3.00
Green Seedless Grapes1 lb4.90
Onions1 lb0.80
Garlic1 lb5.60
Lemon1 lb2.70
Eggplant1 lb3.60
Drinks and other products
White Bread1 lb2.20
Rice1 lb1.30
Eggs12 pieces2.00-4.00
Coconut Water1 liter3.30
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice64 fl oz 10.50
Orange Juice64 fl oz 4.60
Cola Soda2 liters1.85
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)1 Pack 5.70
Bottle of Wine12.00-16.00
Domestic Beer 0.5 liter2.00
Imported Beer11.23.30

№ 3. Monthly expenses in New Orleans, Louisiana. 2018

List of expensesfor 1 adultfor 2 adult
Total: From 1800From 2605
Apartment or studio (1 bedroom). Outside of Centre. 430 sqft (40 m2)835.00 $835.00 $
Utilities. 49 m2 (430 Sqft). Gas, water, electricity, garbage120.00 $140.00 $
Monthly Pass (Local Transport)55.00 $110.00 $
Internet (60 Mbps)60.00 $60.00 $
Food550.00 $1100.00 $
Other expenses (cinema, entertainment, restaurants)150.00 $300.00 $
Mobile connection ( Tariff Local). 1 minute - $ 0.1030.00 $60.00 $

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