Cost of Living in Toronto In 2017: Prices for food, utilities, rent of apartments

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Toronto is the largest cultural and economic center of Canada. What is the cost of living in Toronto? What are the prices in Toronto for food, rent, housing payments, square meter and public transportation (2017)?

Today we will consider all these questions!

№ 1. Prices in restaurants and cafes Toronto in 2017


How much does lunch or dinner cost in restaurants, cafes, fast-food establishments?

№ 2. Food prices in supermarkets and markets in Toronto in 2017

We will examine the cost of the most popular food products and goods: alcohol, cigarettes, vegetables, eggs, potatoes, fruits, meat, chicken, pork and much more.

№ 3. Prices for public transport and taxis in Toronto

№ 4. Communal payments (utilities), rent of apartments and cost per square meter in Toronto


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