Hostel prices in New York City in 2019

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How much do hostels in NYC cost per person in 2019? Single bed in a dormitory for 1 night costs an average of 35-50 US dollars. Some hostels include free breakfast. Many hostels have separate single and double rooms.

The best hostels in New York City in 2019: prices for one night per person

List of the best hostels in New York CityLocationDistance to centerRoom type: dormitory, single, doublePrice per night for 1 person (USD)
1. HI NYC Hostel 891 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side3.7 km from centerBed in Dormitory $45
2. Midtown East Dormitory for woman39st Lexington Ave, Murray Hill2.1 km from centerBed in Dormitory $39
3. Interfaith Retreats370 Eighth Avenue, 2nd Floor, Chelsea2.5 km from centerSingle Room$48
4. Jazz on Columbus Circle Hostel940 8th Avenue300 m from centerBed in Dormitory$50
5. Canal Loft Hostel & Hotel 94 Canal Street, Chinatown6 km from centerBed in Dormitory$32
6. Blue Moon Boutique Hostel & Hotel 100 Orchard Street, Lower East Side5 km from center Bed in Dormitory$40
7. Chelsea Cabins370 8th Avenue, 3-5th Floor, Chelsea,2.5 km from centerSingle Room$48
8. West Side YMCA5 West 63rd Street, Upper West Side350 m from centerSingle Room$85
9. Harlem YMCA180 West 135th Street, Harlem6 km from centerTwin Room$65
10. Broadway Hotel & Hostel 230 West 101 Street, Upper West Side3.5 km from centerBed in Dormitory$27
11. Vanderbilt YMCA224 East 47th Street, Midtown East1.9 km from centerSingle Room$68
12. Royal Park Hotel & Hostel 258 W 97th Street, Upper West Side3.2 km from center Single Room$57
13. Rostel160 East 116th Street, East Harlem4.8 km from center Double Room$62
14. Jazz on the Park Youth Hostel36 West 106 Street, Upper West Side,3.8 km from center Bed in Dormitory$28
15. U.S. Pacific Hotel Opens 106 Bowery 2FL, Chinatown5 km from centerDouble Room$62
16. The Bowery House220 Bowery, SoHo5 km from centerSingle Room$62
17. Central Park West Hostel 201 West 87th Street, Upper West Side2.4 km from center Single Room$60
18. The Local Hostel NYC 13-02 44th Avenue, Queens3.5 km from center Bed in Dormitory$42
19. NY Moore Hostel179 Moore Street, Brooklyn, NY 112068 km from centerBed in Dormitory$26
20. Budget Stay in Williamsburg 24 Havemeyer Street Apt 3B, Brooklyn6 km from centerBed in Dormitory$40
21. 4 Rooms (4rmz)175 Pulaski street, Unit 1, Brooklyn8 km from centerDouble Room$70
22. Q4 Hotel and Hostel 2909 Queens Plaza North, Queens4.2 km from center Bed in Dormitory$25
23. Kamway Lodge40-36 77th Street, Queens8 km from centerBed in Dormitory$25
24. International Students Residences 341 Broadway, Brooklyn7 km from centerBed in Dormitory$26
25. Long Term Stay Apartments 132-18 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica, , Queens18 km from centerBed in Dormitory$40
26. Explore Hotel and Hostel 415 38th Street, Union City, NJ 070873.9 km from center Bed in Dormitory$21
27. Flushing YMCA138-46 Northern Blvd, Queens13 km from center Single Room$63
28. Bedstuy Houze 370 Lewis Avenue, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn10 km from center Bed in Dormitory$56
29. Need A Bed 933 Jefferson Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 0720120 km from center Bed in Dormitory $56
Average price for hostels in New York City in 2019Bed in Dormitory $ 35.00-50.00 for 1 person

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