Marketing Average Salaries in United States July 2022

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What are the average salaries in the US in marketing? The level of income in the field of marketing depends on the specialty. The highest salaries in marketing go to the Chief Marketing Officer ($187,600/year), Vice President of Marketing ($157,200/year) and Product Marketing Manager ($108,600/year). According to our data, the average salary in marketing is $69,700 per year (updated July 2022).

U.S. Average Salaries Marketing in July 2022

$69,700/ year
$5,808/ per month
$1,452/ per week

Average salary by specialty Marketing in July 2022

Brand Manager = $76,580/year
Marketing Manager = $69,650/year
Chief Marketing Officer = $187,600/year
Marketing Strategist = $62,400/year
Creative Director = $91,230/year
Digital Marketing Assistant = $37,100/year
Vice President of Marketing = $157,200/year
Marketing Specialist = $52,600/year
Digital Marketing Manager = $87,500/year
Product Manager = $88,250/year
Digital Marketing Specialist = $50,800/year
Market Research Analyst = $55,680/year
Marketing Analyst = $55,800/year
Event Planner = $50,640/year
Digital Marketing Executive = $60,200/year
Marketing Associate = $47,800/year
Marketing Coordinator = $45,100/year
Marketing Director = $93,780/year
Assistant Marketing Manager = $55,300/year
Marketing Executive = $63,100/year
Copywriter = $53,690/year
Communications Manager = $67,550/year
Copy Editor = $51,350/year
Online Community Manager = $58,640/year
Marketing Consultant = $60,400/year
Product Marketing Manager = $108,600/year
Marketing Project Manager = $63,200/year
Marketing Assistant = $42,600/year
Public Relations Manager = $70,560/year
Social Media Manager = $52,250/year
Event Coordinator = $43,450/year

U.S. Highest Salaries by Marketing July 2022

1. Chief Marketing Officer
2. Vice President of Marketing
3. Product Marketing Manager
4. Marketing Director
5. Creative Director

U.S. Lowest Salaries by Marketing July 2022

1. Digital Marketing Assistant
2. Marketing Assistant
3. Event Coordinator
4. Marketing Coordinator

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