Prices for holidays in Singapore 2018: entertainment, cafes, transport, hotels

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Singapore has become one of the most expensive cities in the world for life and travel. Singapore is a small city-state, a major economic, financial and tourist center of Asia. The city has many interesting sights for inspection: futuristic buildings, interesting museums, the world’s largest observation wheel, observation platforms, amusement parks, gardens with giant artificial trees. How much money to take in Singapore in 2018? To answer this question, the site will analyze prices in Singapore for entertainment, attractions, public transport, hotels and hostels, including an average bill in cafes and restaurants.

№ 1. Prices for hotels and hostels in Singapore in 2018


Hotel RatingDouble Room for 1 night (USD)Double Room for 1 night (SGD)
1 star25.00-50.00 $32.96-65.92 S$
2 stars 50.00-150.00 $65.92-197.75 S$
3 stars 85.00-180.00 $112.06-237.29 S$
4 stars 120.00-240.00 $158.20-316.39 S$
5 stars 270.00-500.00 $355.94-659.15 S$


HostelsOne night for one bed (USD)One night for one bed (SGD)
Price range15.00-45.00 $19.77-59.32 S$

№ 2. Prices for public transport and taxis in Singapore in 2018

Metro, bus, monorail, taxi, etc.

Types of transportSingapore dollars (SGD)US Dollars (USD)
Boarding A TaxiS$ 3.50$ 2.67
Taxi for 1 km (average cost)S$ 0.60 $ 0.46
Total price for 3 km S$ 5.00-8.00 $ 3.81-6.10
Taxi from airport to city centerS$ 25.00-40.00$ 19.05-30.48
Public transport
Metro (inside the city). One ticketS$ 1.00-3.00 $ 0.76-2.29
Shuttle bus from airport to city centerS$ 10.00-15.00 $ 7.62-15.00
Subway from airport to city centerS$ 3.00-4.00 $ 2.29-4.00
Sentosa Express (Monorail)from S$ 3.00from $ 2.29
EZ-Link card S$ 12.00 (S$ 7.00 - deposit, S$ 5.00 - card cost)$ 9.14
Singapore Tourist Pass (for 1 day)S$ 10.00$ 7.62
Singapore Tourist Pass (for 2 day)S$ 16.00$ 12.19
Singapore Tourist Pass (for 3 day)S$ 20.00$ 15.24

№ 3. Prices in cafes and restaurants with a menu in Singapore in 2018

Average bill for 1 person: cafes, restaurants, fast food

List. Restaurants, cafes, fast foodSingapore dollars (SGD)US Dollars (USD)
A cafe. Lunch or dinner S$ 15.00-23.00 $ 11.43-17.52
Restaurants. Lunch or dinner S$ 30.00-40.00 $ 22.86-30.48
Fast food (McDonalds) S$ 8.00-13.00 $ 6.10-9.90


Menu in the cafe of Singapore: prices for burgers, hamburgers, soups, salads, desserts, main dishes, drinks (juice, beer, wine, tea, coffee).

A cafe. MenuSingapore dollars (SGD)US Dollars (USD)
Snacks & Starters
Bruschetta12.00 9.14
Crab cake24.00 18.29
Escargots Bourguignonne21.00 16.00
Assorted Satay18.0013.71
Salt & Pepper Calamari 20.0015.24
Soups and salads
Mushroom soup15.0011.43
Asian spicy soups15.0011.43
Classic Caesar salad19.0014.48
Nicoise Salad 30.0022.86
Greek Salads15.00-25.0011.43-19.05
Penne (bacon, vegetables and cheese)22.0016.76
Mushroom Rissoto25.0019.05
Spaghetti with sauce and beef26.0019.81
Steak frites55.00-70.0041.90-53.33
Fish and chips
Grilled Chicken Breasts28.0021.33
Sandwiches and burgers
Marriott Burger27.0020.57
Club Sandwich20.0015.24
Angus Steak Sandwich 28.0021.33
Falafel burgers28.0021.33
Fresh fruit14.0010.67
New York Baked Cheesecake14.0010.67
Chocolate Brownie14.0010.67
Classic sticky date pudding15.0011.43
Beer (tiger, heineken, guinness, kirin, erdinger weissbier) 0.5 liter 20.9015.92
Glass of wine
A bottle of wine88.00-120.0067.05-91.43
Espresso, Macchiato, Long black4.903.73
Double Shot Espresso6.905.26
Hot Chocolate6.905.26
Fresh juice (pineapple, carrot, orange, etc.)14.0010.67

№ 4. Prices for entertainment in Singapore in 2018: museums, attractions, amusement parks, bus excursions

ListFor adults (SGD)For children (SGD)
Singapur ZooS$ 33.00S$ 22.00
Singapore Cable Car
S$29.00 (roundtrip)S$ 29.00 (roundtrip)
Singapore Flyer
S$ 33.00S$ 21.00
Asian Civilisations Museum
S$ 8.00S$ 4.00
Changi Chapel and MuseumFreeFree
DUCKtours (floating bus)
S$ 43.00S$ 33.00
Hop-On Hop-Off (double-decker bus)S$ 39.88S$ 29.65
Science Centre Singapore (SCI CTR & Snow City PKG Standard)S$ 26.00 S$ 16.00
Singapore City GalleryFreeFree
Gardens by the Bay (Standard "Flower Dome + Cloud Forest")
S$ 28.00S$ 15.00
Marina Bay Sands SkyparkS$ 23.00S$ 17.00
Singapore Art MuseumS$ 10.00S$ 5.00
Sightseeing bus tourS$ 29.00S$ 20.00-25.00


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