Prices for Koh Samui in 2017-2018: Food, excursions, transport

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The island of Koh Samui is one of the three most popular resorts in Thailand. Here high service, beautiful beaches, untouched nature and a rich entertainment program for tourists with different tastes. The site of will consider the prices on Koh Samui in 2017-2018 for food, excursions, entertainment, clothing, souvenirs, hotels, apartment rentals and villas. Including we will analyze the cost of drinks and dishes in cafes and restaurants.

Prices for Koh Samui in 2017-2018. Thailand

Prices for hotels, apartments and villas rentals. Koh Samui in 2017-2018

The cost of double rooms in different hotels (1,2,3, 4 and 5 stars). Including the monthly cost of renting villas and houses on Koh Samui.

Hotels, apartments, villas and housesThai Baht (THB)USA dollars (USD)
1 star hotels for 1 night (Double Room)From 333-499From 10-15
2 stars hotels for 1 night (Double Room)From 599From 18
3 stars hotels for 1 night (Double Room)From 666From 20
4 stars hotels for 1 night (Double Room)From 1332From 40
5 stars hotels for 1 night (Double Room)From 3330From 100
Rent one-room apartments for 1 month (city center or the first coastline)An average of 15000 450
House for 4 people for 1 month (100 square meters)From 16000From 479
Villa for 6 people for 1 month (150-200 square meters)From 20 000From 600

Prices in cafes and restaurants on Koh Samui

Especially for tourists we compiled a table with daily food costs in cafes and restaurants. Average bill for 1 person per day.


Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in a cafeThai Baht (THB)USA dollars (USD)
Total: costs per 1 tourist per day56015,96
lunches 1805,41


Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in restaurantsThai Baht (THB)USA dollars (USD)
Total: costs per 1 tourist per day110033,03
Breakfasts160 4,8
lunches 340 10,21
Dinner with a glass of wine60018,02

Menu in the cafe

Menu in the Cafe: drinks and foodThai Baht (THB)USA dollars (USD)
Seafood salad1404,2
Fresh juice802,4
Sushi (4 pieces)70-1202,1-3,6
Glass noodles with seafood2607,81
Soda for 0.33 liters (Fanta, Pepsi, Cola)25-300,75-0,90
Rice with shrimps and vegetables1504,5
Breakfast (Scrambled eggs with bacon, bread and juice)1303,9
Tom Yam Soup1003
Business lunch (Soup, meat dish, dessert and drink)200-2506-7,5
Milk shake1303,9
Water (0.33 L)150,45
Hot dishes. Chicken, pork, beef with garnish70-3002,1-9,01
Chicken with Cashew Nuts1604,8
Imported beer (0,33 l)1003

Prices for street food on Koh Samui

Prices for street food in Koh SamuiThai Baht (THB)USA dollars (USD)
Crepes with filling30-400,91-1,21
Fried calamari50 1,51
Small shish kebab from shrimps401,21
A small shish kebab from a chicken200,60
Small shish kebab from pork300,91
Meat dishes with rice40-801,21-2,42
Rice with fried chicken and spicy sauce401,21
Tom Yam Soup702,11
Fruit Shake300,91

Transport prices on Koh Samui: buses, taxis, rent of scooters, bikes and cars

Transport in Samui: buses, taxis, car and bike rentalThai Baht (THB)USA dollars (USD)
Scooter rent for 1 dayFrom 130 to 3003,93-9,06
Rent a scooter for 1 monthFrom 3000 to 700090-211
Taxi 1 km (normal tariff)300,91
Taxi 10 km (normal tariff)3009,06
Rent car economy class for 1 day1000-120030-36,25
Bus ticket (one way)501,51
Gasoline for 1 liter29,130,87

Prices for shopping in Koh Samui: clothing and souvenirs

The cost of various souvenirs and clothes in stores in Koh Samui: shorts, dresses, jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, baseball caps, leather shoes and much more.

List. Souvenirs and clothesThai Baht (THB)USA dollars (USD)
Latex Pillow (made in Thailand)4000120
Latex Pillow (made in China)230069
Pearl Jewelry800-130024-38,99
Leather boots110033
Leather bags
Aromatic candle250,76
Small elephant figure601,81
A small Buddha figurine100-300 3,02-9,06
Coconut oil
Trinkets for keys401,2
Fridge magnet300,91
Baseball cap 300 9
Flip Flops2788,41
Men's shorts
Summer dress35010,57

Prices for food in Koh Samui: supermarkets and shops

We compiled a table with prices for popular food products: cigarettes, wine, beer, whiskey, rum, milk, vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, yoghurt, juice, water, coffee, etc.

Food, alcohol and cigarettes in supermarketsKilograms and litersThai Baht (THB)USA dollars (USD)
Milk1 liter481,45
Sugar1 kg250,75
Eggs10 pieces461,39
Small shrimps1 kg962,89
Shrimp of medium size1 kg2006,03
King prawns1 kg360
Cheap varieties of fish1 kg150-2004,52-6,03
Expensive varieties of fish (salmon)1 kg35010,55
Catfish fish1 kg461,39
Bread500 grams371,12
Barracuda fish1 kg1604,82
Chicken fillet1 kg862,59
Chicken sausages1 kg932,8
Butter200 grams
Beef1 kg1805,43
Pork1 kg2106,33
Squids1 kg2156,48
500 ml1394,19
Ice cream Nestle400 grams601,81
Dragon Fruit1 kg501,51
Mango1 kg601,81
Watermelon1 kg270,81
Oranges1 kg852,56
1 kg591,78
Onion1 kg371,12
Bulgarian pepper1 kg1354,07
Potato1 kg320,96
Tomato1 kg541,63
Bottle of water1.5 liter150,45
A bottle of wine
1 liter60018,09
Imported beer0.5 l561,69
A pack of Marlboro cigarettes-982,96
Bananas1 kg331
Rice1 kg481,45
Sunflower oil
1 liter702,11
Coca Cola1.5 liter270,81
1 liter802,41
Nescafe coffee (instant)100 grams651,96
Beer Singha0.64 l561,69
Beer Heineken0.64 l802,41
Beer Chang0.64 l421,27
Thai rum Sang Som0.5 l2457,39
Thai Whiskey Hong Thong0.5 l2006,03

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