Prices in Honolulu in 2017-2018: food, transportation, attractions

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Honolulu is the capital of the Hawaiian Islands, one of the most popular beach resorts in the United States. There are excellent beaches, hundreds of hotels, interesting hiking routes, excursions, tours and beautiful coral reefs. How much does a holiday in Honolulu cost? How much money to take in Honolulu? To answer this question, you need to analyze the prices in Honolulu in 2017-2018 for food, transportation, hotels, excursions, entertainment, attractions, car rental, etc. The details of the cost of recreation will tell the site

Prices in Honolulu in 2017-2018

Prices for hotels in Honolulu in 2017-2018

The cost of a double room in hotels for 1 day

Hotel RatingAmount of daysUSD
1 starDouble room for 1 night40-90
2 starsDouble room for 1 night90-185
3 starsDouble room for 1 night100-310
4 starsDouble room for 1 night150-503
5 starsDouble room for 1 night230-700

Cafe, fast food, restaurants in Honolulu. Prices for drinks and food

Cafe and fast food – daily food costs

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in cafe and fast foodPrice (USD)
Total: daily cost of food for 1 person26-42

Restaurants – daily food costs

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in restaurantsUSD
Total: daily cost of food for 1 person62-77

Menu in restaurants and cafes

Prices for drinks, soups, meat dishes, seafood, tea, beer, soda, cocktails, coffee.

Menu in cafes and restaurants. List of dishes and drinksUSD
Vegetable Cup Soup3
Creamy Corn Penne10-13
Green Spaghetti 9-15
Kahuku Garlic Shrimp10-12
Vegetable Bibimbap 11-16
Meat dishes8-18
Wheat Muffin2
Kale Namul3
Longboard Lager (beer)5,50
Big Wave Golden Ale (beer)5
Fire Rock Pale Ale (beer)5
Bikini Blonde Lager (beer)5
Coconut Porter (beer)5
Aloha Lager (beer)6
Heineken (beer)4,50-5
Corona (beer)4-4,80
Bud Light (beer)4-4,30
Coors Light (beer)4-4,25
Sugarcane sour9
Ginger Sour Mints9
Mango Mojito 10
Classic Margarita
Classic Mojito 8-10
Green Vegetable Juice5-7
Papaya Juice 5-7
Maui Coffee 4-4,50
Cappuccino 4,70
Tropical Island Iced Tea2,50-4
Juices (orange, tomato, grapefruit, cranberry, pineapple)3,50-4,50
Soda (Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite)1,50-3
Pork, tomato sauce with rice or spaghetti9-10
Baked fish fillet, cream sauce with rice or spaghetti9-12

Transport prices in Honolulu: taxi and buses

Transport to HonoluluUSD
Taxi from airport to Waikiki Beach35-70
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)2,24
3-4 km taxi ride in Honolulu 10-15
Bus ticket to Honolulu2,50
Public bus from airport to city2,50
Airport express shuttle to beach16-20
Gasoline 1 liter0,77

Prices for a daily rental scooters, motorbikes, bicycles and cars in Honolulu

Types of transport USD
Scooter Lance PCH 125cc for 1 day45-55
Motorcycle Harley Davidson Sportster 883 for 1 day60-70
Scooter Honda Forza 300cc for 1 day55-65
Sym Joyride Evo 200cc Scooter for 1 day50-60
Motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja 300 for 1 day65
Motorcycle Honda Shadow Aero 750 for 1 day67
Bicycle Sondors Thin Electric Bikes for 1 day30-40
Kent Hybrid Comfort Pedal bike for 1 day10-12
Mountain Bike for 1 day15-20
Road Bike for 1 day25
Rent a car economy class for 1 day60-70
Kia Rio for 1 day61
Ford Fiesta for 1 day66
Rent a car of middle class for 1 day70-80
Rent a family car for 1 day80-100

Prices for excursions and entertainment in Honolulu. Popular attractions

Diving, surfing, entrance tickets to museums, aquariums, zoos.

List of excursions and entertainmentsDurationUSD
Private Surfing Lesson2 hours
2 Tank Wreck Dive (Diving)6-8 hours125
3 Tank Wreck Reef Dives (lunch included). Diving6-8 hours
Hawaii Jeep Tours4 hours
Holokai Catamaran1,5-2,5 hours35-60
Pacific Aviation Museum$12 - Children; $25 - Adult 13+
Honolulu Zoo$6 - Children 3-12; $14 – Adult 13+
Waikiki Aquarium
$5 - Children 4-12; $12 – Adult 13+
Bishop Museum$14,95 - Children 4-12; $22,95 – Adult 13+
Submarine & Museum Combo Tour$5 - Children 4-12; $12 – Adult 13+
Shangri La25
Diving 1 dive60-100

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