Prices in Los Angeles in 2017-2018: products, real estate rental, entertainment

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Los Angeles is the largest and one of the most visited cities in California. Millions of tourists come to Los Angeles every year to see the main attractions. It is a city with excellent beaches and entertainment for every taste. The main disadvantage is the high cost of living. We recommend studying prices in Los Angeles in 2017-2018. This information will be useful for tourists and those who are planning to move here to live.

Prices in Los Angeles in 2017-2018:

  1. Food products (juices, milk, meat, seasoning, fish, tea, cigarettes, beer, wine, vegetables, fruits, chicken, water).
  2. Rent a car for 1 day (economy, family and elite class).
  3. Entertainment. Entrance tickets to interesting places and museums (Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, California Science Center, UE Skyspace LA, Battleship USS Iowa BB-61, Madame Tussauds Hollywood).
  4. Shopping (clothes, shoes, small souvenirs).
  5. The cost of hotels, motels and hostels.
  6. Rent of real estate and cost of utilities (one-room and two-room apartments).
  7. Public transport and taxi.
  8. Average bill in restaurants and cafes for 1 person.

№ 1. Prices for hotels, hostels and motels in Los Angeles

№ 2. Prices in cafes and restaurants in Los Angeles

№ 3. Prices for utilities and rent of apartments in Los Angeles

№ 4. Food prices (supermarkets, markets and shops) in Los Angeles

№ 5. Prices for public transport, taxis and gasoline in Los Angeles

№ 6. Rent a car for 1 day  in Los Angeles

№ 7. Prices for entertainment in Los Angeles (entrance tickets to museums, zoos, etc.)

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