Prices in Pattaya in 2017-2018: food, clothes, excursions

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Thailand can be called a cheap country. But prices for a few years have grown significantly. Pattaya is the cheapest resort in Thailand. Today we will consider the prices in Pattaya in 2017-2018 for clothes, souvenirs, excursions, street food, hotels, apartment rentals, food in restaurants and cafes. We translated the prices into dollars and Thai baht.

№ 1. Prices for hotels in Pattaya

Strar Raiting (1 day)USD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
1 star hotels From 15 From 497
2 star hotels From 17 From 563
3 star hotelsFrom 15 to 70 From 497 to 2320
4 star hotelsFrom 20 to 140From 663 to 4641
5 star hotelsFrom 60 to 400From 1989 to 13262

№ 2. Prices for rental apartments and houses in Pattaya (for 1 month)

Property TypeLocationUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
One-Bedroom ApartmentFirst coastline and city center
50316 700
Two-Bedroom ApartmentFirst coastline and city center
79826 470
Apartment (3 bedrooms) First coastline and city center
109236 214
House. Area of 100-250 square meters400-500 meters to the beach753-120625 000-40 000
One-Bedroom ApartmentOutside of Centre and Away from the beach2929700

№ 3. Cafe in Pattaya. Prices of food and drinks (average bill per person)

Cafe in Pattaya

Breakfasts, lunches and dinnersPrice in USD ($)Price in Thai Baht (THB)
Breakfast 2,1270
Dinner with alcohol (a glass of beer or wine)7,28240

Food and drink in cafes

ListUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Seafood salad2,2675
Fresh juice2,4180
Steamed vegetables
Soup with rice noodles0,90 30
Low-alcohol cocktails3,02-5,43100-180
Pineapple juice2,1170
Rice with meat1,5150
Pad Tai (Rice noodles with sauce and shrimps)1,8160
Coconut juice1,8160
Shrimp with sauce3,02100
Complex breakfast (fried eggs with meat, sandwich and coffee)3,62120
Thai beer (0,5 liter)1,9665
Imported beer (0,5 liter) 2,4180
Soda (0.33 liter). Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite0,9030

№ 4. Restaurants in Pattaya. Prices for food and drinks (average bill for 1 person)

Breakfasts, lunches and dinnersPrice in USD ($)Price in Thai Baht (THB)
Total: Daily expenses for 1 person35,33 1170
Dinner with a glass of wine21,14700

Food and drink in restaurants

List (food and drink)USD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Sushi with cucumber4,23140
Sushi California9,07300
SoupsFrom 3,02 to 7,56From 100 to 250
Simple hot dishes (Rice with meat and others)From 2,12 to 3,63From 70 to 120
Meat dishesFrom 6,05 to 12,09From 200 to 400
From 2,12 to 4,54From 70 to 150
Sea delicacies (seafood dishes)From 6,05 to 24,19From 200 to 800
King prawns15,12500
Beer (0,5 liter)From 2,12 to 3,63From 70 to 120
Pizza with seafood7,86260

№ 5. Prices for street food in Pattaya

ListUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Doner kebab1,9765
Thai pancakes1,0635
Complex lunch in the street (soup with noodles and salad with fruits) 1,3645
Sushi (1 piece)0,4515
SaladsFrom 0,61From 20
Coconut juice1,0635
Rice with chicken
Fried bananas0,155
Pad Thai (noodles with seafood and chicken)1,3645

№ 6. Prices for excursions and entertainment in Pattaya

ListDurationUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Temple of Truth3 hours21,22700
Tour of the islands (Monkey Island, Koh Lan Island, Koh Sak Island)12 hours45,471500
Tour to Cambodia48 hours154,65100
Coral island of Koh Lan12 hours36,381200
Snake farm and snake show4 hours14,85490
Crocodile farm4 hours14,85490
Ayutthaya (ancient city)24 hours106,13500
Transvestite Show3 hours18,19600
Diving (one dive)5-6 hours66,692200
Oceanarium (Underwater World Pattaya)-15,16500
Flying over the jungle-1003300
Khao Kheow Open Zoo-25,77850
Amusement park Dream World-36,381200
Pattaya Bungy Jump-66,692200
Bathing with dolphins-30,311000
Sea Fishing in The Gulf of Thailand10 hours75,792500
Aquapark Siam Park 8 hours30,311000
Aquapark Cartoon Network8 hours63,662100
Ramayana Water Park7 hours39,411300
Tour to Bangkok24 hours54,571800

№ 7. Shopping in Pattaya. Prices for clothes and souvenirs


ListUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Small souvenirs0,30-0,6110-20
Small figurines (elephants, buddha, frogs)2,1270
Ceramic plates and mugs with symbols of ThailandFrom 6,06 to 21,22From 200 to 700
Aroma sticksFrom 2,43 to 6,06From 80 to 200
Vodka with a snake39,411300
Pillows of latex21,22700
T-shirts with the inscriptions and images of Thailand3,94130
Jeans (Levi's, Wrangler, Lee)21,22-36,38700-1200
Jeans without a brand9,09-12,13300-400
T-shirts in shopping malls4,55-9,09150-300
Cheap swimsuits3,03-6,06100-200
Quality swimsuits9,09-15,16300-500
Denim shorts
Summer dress without brand2,12-7,5870-250
Sneakers without a brand6,06-15,16200-500
Leather boots57,61900
Summer dress (Zara, H&M)51,531700

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