Prices in Prague in 2017-2018: Food, restaurants and cafes

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Prague is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe. Here are inexpensive prices in cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. We will consider prices in Prague in 2017-2018 for food products in supermarkets: milk, water, vodka, absinthe, beherovka, bananas, melons, pasta, spaghetti, beer, bread, fish, apples, oranges, mangoes, cigarettes, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, cottage cheese, cheese, meat, chicken, pork, beef and much more.

Prices in Prague in 2017-2018

How much does food cost in restaurants and cafes? We will call the average bill for 1 person in cafes and restaurants in Prague. In addition, we list the approximate prices for desserts, drinks, salads, hot dishes and soups.

Prices in Prague in cafes and restaurants

Cafe in Prague (average bill for 1 person)

Breakfasts, lunches and dinnersPrices in Euros (€)Prices in CZK (Kč)
Total (costs per person per day)21 548
Breakfast 4 104
lunch 7 183
Dinner with alcohol 10 261

Menu with prices in inexpensive cafe in Prague

List of dishes Prices in Euros (€)Prices in CZK (Kč)
Pork with cabbage3,44 90
Soupsfrom 1, 15 to 3,82from 30 to 100
Chicken breast with vegetables4,97130
Baked duck with cabbage6,5 170
Snacks1,15-2,68from 30 to 70
1,34-3,06from 35 to 80
Ice cream with whipped cream2,6870
Czech beers (0,5 liters)1,34 35
Imported Beer (0,5 liters)1,7245
Water (0.33 liter)0,8422
Cappuccino 1,5-1,839-47
Hot dishes3,82-10,7100-280
Alcoholic cocktails2-1052-261
Glass of Becherovka2,5-3,565-91
Glass of Fernet 3 78

Restaurants in Prague (average bill for 1 person)

Breakfasts, lunches and dinnersPrices in Euros (€)Prices in CZK (Kč)
Total (costs per person per day)31809
Breakfast 6156
lunch 10261
Dinner with alcohol 15392

Prices in Prague for food, vegetables, fruits and alcohol in supermarkets

List of productsKilograms and litersPrices in Euros (€)Prices in CZK (Kč)
Milk1 liter
Cottage cheese250 grams1,30 34
Bread500 grams0,7820,32
Cheese1 kg6,68174,60
Chicken Breasts1 kg5,35139,94
10 eggs-
Pork or beef1 kg8,67226,74
Tea (25 tea bag)50 grams1,5039,25
Chocolate 100 grams0,60 15,7
Sausages1 kg5,80151,75
150 grams0,4010,47
Rice1 kg1,2432,44
Coffee (Nescafe Gold)100 grams3,95103,31
Vegetable oil1 liter1,6442,8
1 kg0,7619,90
Melon1 kg2,154,90
Mango1 kg1,0326,90
Salmon (fish)1 kg1,7244,90
Martini bianco1 liter7,61199
Vodka0.5 liter7,45195
500 grams0,5414
Spaghetti500 grams1,641,90
Potato1 kg0,6817,86
Tomato 1 kg1,57 41
Oranges 1 kg1,3535,36
Banana 1 kg1,1931,15
Bottle of Wine 0.5 liter4,59120
Domestic Beer0.5 liter0,62 16,31
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)- 3,82100
Apples 1 kg1,1329,49
Water 1.5 liter0,5113,31
Absinthe1 liter13340,13
Becherovka0.5 liter7,80204,08
Onion 1 kg0,5714,99

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