Prices in Shanghai in 2018: food, transport, apartment rental, hotels

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Shanghai is the largest port, financial and cultural center of China. The population of the city is more than 24 million people. Every year this figure increases. Shanghai is an attractive city for tourists, entrepreneurs and students from other countries. Users actively search for information on the Internet about the cost of living and prices in Shanghai in 2018 for food, transportation, utilities, apartment rental, hotels, hostels, etc. The site will provide up-to-date information about Shanghai.

№ 1. Prices for hotels and hostels in Shanghai in 2018


Hotel RatingDouble Room for 1 night (USD)
1 star10.00-35.00 $
2 stars20.00-70.00 $
3 stars30.00-80.00 $
4 stars40.00-150.00 $
5 stars90.00-300.00 $


Hostels in ShanghaiOne night for one bed (USD)
Price range10.00-25.00

№ 2. Prices for rental apartments and utilities in Shanghai in 2018

Monthly rental (one, two and three bedroom apartments)

Area and number of bedroomsThe central areas. Monthly in US dollars (USD)Outside the center. Monthly in US dollars (USD)
Studio or apartment with one bedroom. 30-40 sq.m.1119 $ 583 $
Apartment with 2 bedrooms. 40-60 sq.m.2087 $ 894 $
Apartment with 3 bedrooms. 70-90 sq.m.3056 $ 1204 $

Monthly Utilities (electricity, garbage, cold water, elevator)

Area and number of bedroomsMonthly (electricity, garbage, cold water, elevator) in US dollars (USD)Monthly (electricity, garbage, cold water, elevator) in Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Studio or apartment with one bedroom. 30-40 sq.m.39.42250.00
Apartment with 2 bedrooms. 40-60 sq.m.47.31300.00
Apartment with 3 bedrooms. 70-90 sq.m.52.99336.00

Additional monthly expenses in Shanghai

Home Internet, haircut, mobile communication, public transport, subscription to fitness club.

Additional monthly expenses Monthly in US dollars (USD)Monthly in Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Home Internet (60 Mbps)17.35110.00
Mobile connection
11.04-15.7770.00-100.00 (1 minute of conversation = 0.23 ¥)
Subscription to the gym or fitness club52.04330.00
Monthly Ticket (Public transport)
Barbershop (Men's haircut)7.9150.00
Barbershop (women's haircut)18.98120.00

№ 3. Average net salaries in Shanghai in 2018

CityMonthly net salary (After Tax) in US dollars (USD) Monthly in Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Shanghai1135 $7176 ¥

№ 3. Prices for apartments in Shanghai (buy) 

AreaThe central areasOutside the center
On average for 1 sq.m.100500 ¥ (15848 $)46500 ¥ (7333 $)
Studio. 30 sq.m.3015000 ¥ (475462 $)1395000 ¥ (219990 $)
Two-Bedroom Apartment. 50 sq.m.5025000 ¥ (792437 $)2325000 ¥ (366650 $)

№ 4. Food Prices in Shanghai in 2018

Price list (supermarkets of Shanghai): vegetables, fruits, pork, beef, chicken, eggs, juice, water, bread, alcohol, cigarettes, pasta, rice, etc.

List of productsWeight (kg and liters)
In US dollars (USD)In Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Meat, fish, dairy products
Minced meat1 kg3,15-4,7320.00-30.00
Milk1 liter2,4815.71
1 kg13,3484,60
Pork1 kg9,46-11,0460.00-70.00
Chicken Breast Fillet1 kg5,5034.85
Fish1 kg4,73-7,8830.00-50.00
Cheese1 kg21,45136.00
Small shrimps1 kg3,9425.00
Large shrimps1 kg10,2565.00
1 kg25,23160.00
Vegetables and fruits
Apples1 kg2,3915.15
Bananas1 kg1,6410.40
Oranges1 kg2,4515.55
Broccoli1 kg2,0513.00
Mango1 kg5,2033.00
Potato1 kg1,479.29
Tomato1 kg1,529.62
Onion1 kg1,479.34
1 kg2,2114.00
Cucumbers1 kg1,107.00
Drinks, alcohol and other products
Eggs10 pieces2,0713.10
Bread500 g2,1913.88
1 kg1,066.71
Wine0,7 l12,6280.00
Drinking water1,5 l0,684.31
Beer (made in China)0,5 l1,046.62
Imported beer0,5 l2,52-2,8416.00-18.00
Cigarettes Marlboro1 packet3,1520.00
Oatmeal1 kg2,3715.00
1 kg5,0532.00
1 l2,5216.00
Sugar1 kg2,2114.00
Vodka0,7 l20,50130.00
Vegetable oil
1 l2,5216.00

№ 5. Prices in cafes and restaurants (average bill for 1 person). Shanghai

List of catering establishmentsAverage account per person in US dollars (USD)Average account per person in Chinese Yuan (CNY)
A cafe. Lunch or dinner4,73-7,88 $30.00-50.00 ¥
Restaurants. Lunch or dinner14,19-17,35 $90.00-110.00 ¥
Fast food (McDonalds)5,05-6,31 $32.00-40.00 ¥

№ 6. Transport prices in Shanghai in 2018: metro, bus, taxi and gasoline

Types of transport
In US dollars (USD)In Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Boarding A Taxi2,21 14.00
Taxi for 1 km (average cost)0,392.50
Total price for 3 km3,39 21.50
From airport to city center25,23-31,54160.00-200.00
Public transport
1 ticket (bus and metro)0,63 4.00
Monthly ticket (bus and metro)31,54200.00
High-speed train Maglev from the airport to the center6,31-9,4640.00-60.00
Metro from the airport to the center1,268.00
1 liter1,066.70

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