Prices in Thailand in 2017-2018: Food, clothes and cafe

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Thailand is a popular, inexpensive and exotic country. How much does food, alcohol and cigarettes cost in Thailand? This is the most popular question among tourists. We will answer this question. For convenience, prices will be converted into Thai baht (THB) and dollars ($).

Prices in Thailand in 2017-2018

Our website will tell you about the prices in Thailand in 2017-2018 for food in supermarkets, alcohol, cigarettes, street food, clothes, drinks and food in restaurants.

Prices in restaurants and cafes in Thailand

Average bill per person in cafes and restaurants in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. Including the cost of drinks, salads, hot dishes, soups, desserts, etc.

Cafe in Bangkok

Breakfasts, lunches and dinnersPrice in USD ($)Price in Thai Baht (THB)
Breakfast 1,52 50
Dinner with alcohol (a glass of beer or wine)6,06 200

Cafe in Pattaya

Breakfasts, lunches and dinnersPrice in USD ($)Price in Thai Baht (THB)
Breakfast 2,1270
Dinner with alcohol (a glass of beer or wine)7,28240

Cafe in Phuket

Cafe in PhuketPrice in USD ($)Price in Thai Baht (THB)
Breakfast 3.03100
Dinner with alcohol (a glass of beer or wine)7,88260

Menu in the cafe: prices for drinks and meals in Thailand

ListUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Hot dishes2,12-6,0670-200
Tom Kha (soup)1,8260
Tom Yam Kai (soup)2,1270
Salad with seafood, herbs and fruits1,8260
Chicken with vegetables and spicy sauce1,5250
Fresh juice
Coffee with milk0,9130
Thai beer (0,5 liter) 2,1270
Imported beer (0,5 liter) 3,64120
Cappuccino 1,8260
Rice with shrimps1,9765
Rice with shrimps1,8260
Soda (0.33 liters)0,5819

Prices for street food in Thailand in 2017-2018

ListUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Shish kebab from octopus1,2140
Shrimp with sauce4,84 160
Snake Fruit (Slicing) 1,8160
Fried squid0,60 20
Sushi (1 pieces) 0,30-0,4510-15
SaladsFrom 0,60 From 20
A small portion of shish kebab0,30-0,60 10-20
Rice with chicken0,9130
Lunch on the street (fruit salad, soup and coffee)1,5150
Crepes with filling0,4515
Coconut juice1,0635

Prices for alcohol, cigarettes and food in supermarkets in Thailand

The cost of beef, pork, chicken, milk, fruits, vegetables, cigarettes, beer, strong alcohol (whiskey, rum, vodka) in supermarkets in Thailand in 2017-2018.

ListLiters and KilogramsUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Juice 1 liter2,1370
Milk1 liter1,6755
Fresh fish1 kg3,0450-100
Chicken sausages1 kg
Calamary1 kg
Coconuts1 piece0,61-1,2120-40
Pineapples1 piece0,61-0,9120-30
Chicken fillet1 kg2,1370
1 kg4,1135
Cheese1 kg16,7550
Pork or beef1 kg9,72320
Mango1 kg1,06-2,5835-85
Tomato1 kg1,9163
Potatoes1 kg1,446
Bottle of water1,5 liter0,4615
Bananas1 kg1,2140
Eggs10 piece1,4648
Apples1 kg2,7390
Oranges1 kg1,756
Watermelon1 kg0,723
0,33 liter0,4916
Vegetable oil
1 liter1,3745
Sugar1 kg0,7625
Little Snickers-0,4916

Prices of beer in Thailand

ListLiters USD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Beer Thai 0,51,6755
Singha light 0,51,6755
Singha 0,51,8260
Singha 0,331,2842
Chang Export0,51,8260
Archa 0,51,6454
Chang 0,51,7959
Imported Beer 0,33 2,5283
Heineken 0,331,7357
Leo 0,331,2842

Prices for strong alcohol in Thailand

ListLiters USD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Rum Bacardi0,7517,62580
Jack Daniel’s (whiskey)0,533,711110
Whisky Red Label0,3510,93360
Jacob's Creek Champagne0,7524,9820
Vodka 0,724,6810
Hong Thong (Thai Whiskey)0,355,16170
Bottle of Wine1 17,01560
Sang Som (Thai rum)0,34,25140

Prices for cigarettes in Thailand

ListUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Esse 3,37111
Marlboro 3,28108
Krong Thip2,9296
Mild Seven2,8995

Prices for clothing in Thailand in 2017-2018

Cost of clothing and shoes in Thailand: sneakers, slates, t-shirts, sweaters, sunglasses, swimsuits, summer dresses, jeans, hats, etc.

ListUSD ($)Thai Baht (THB)
Leather shoes53,151750
Sneakers (Nike)91,113000
Denim shorts7,59250
Summer dress12,15400
Summer dress (Zara, H&M)31,591040

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