The largest USA cities: Prices for rental apartments in 2019

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How much does apartment rental cost in the largest US cities in 2019? We analyzed the rental prices for one and two bedroom apartments in the largest US cities in 2019 by population. We have included in the rating of 25 largest cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Washington, D.C., Boston, El Paso, Detroit, Nashville and Memphis. We have identified the most expensive and the cheapest largest US cities to life.

Top 25 Largest U.S. Cities: apartments with one and two bedrooms

List of cities (located by population)StatePopulation Average rent for a one-bedroom apartmentAverage rent for a two-bedroom apartment
1. New YorkNew York 8,622,698$2,850$3,200
2. Los AngelesCalifornia3,999,759$2,330$3,120
3. Chicago Illinois2,716,450$1,530$1,880
4. HoustonTexas2,312,717$1,130 $1,400
5. PhoenixArizona1,626,078$980$1,200
6. PhiladelphiaPennsylvania1,580,863$1,350$1,690
7. San AntonioTexas1,511,946$900$1,120
8. San DiegoCalifornia1,419,516$1,840$2,400
9. DallasTexas1,341,075$1,250$1,650
10. San JoseCalifornia1,035,317 $2,520 $3,040
11. AustinTexas950,715$1,190 $1,470
12. JacksonvilleFlorida892,062$1,000 $1,080
13. San FranciscoCalifornia884,363$3,700$4.600
14. ColumbusOhio879,170$700 $1,060
15. Fort WorthTexas874,168$1,120 $1,270
16. IndianapolisIndiana863,002$750$810
17. CharlotteNorth Carolina859,035$1,200$1,300
18. SeattleWashington724,745$1,990$2,560
19. DenverColorado704,621 $1,530 $1,950
20. Washington, D.C.District of Columbia693,972$2,150 $2,910
21. BostonMassachusetts685,094$2,400$2,750
22. El PasoTexas683,577$620$760
23. DetroitMichigan673,104$610 $690
24. NashvilleTennessee667,560$1,380 $1,390
25. MemphisTennessee652,236$730 $780

Top 7 most expensive largest cities to live in the USA

List of citiesStatePopulation Average rent for a one-bedroom apartmentAverage rent for a two-bedroom apartment
1. San FranciscoCalifornia884,363$3,700$4.600
2. New YorkNew York 8,622,698 $2,850$3,200
3. San JoseCalifornia1,035,317 $2,520$3,040
4. Los AngelesCalifornia3,999,759$2,330$3,120
5. BostonMassachusetts685,094$2,400$2,750
6. Washington, D.C.District of Columbia693,972$2,150$2,910
7. SeattleWashington724,745$1,990$2,560

Top 10 cheapest largest cities to live In the USA

List of cities StatePopulationAverage rent for a one-bedroom apartment Average rent for a two-bedroom apartment
1. DetroitMichigan673,104$610$690
2. El PasoTexas683,577$620$760
3. MemphisTennessee652,236$730$780
4. IndianapolisIndiana863,002$750$810
5. ColumbusOhio879,170 $700$1,060
6. San AntonioTexas1,511,946$900$1,120

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