Top 13. The most beautiful places and resorts of Greece

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:Jan 14,2017

Greece – inexpensive European country with affordable prices for tours. Beautiful nature, picturesque islands, cultural monuments from ancient civilizations, Europe’s best beaches – this is a small part of the benefits. We selected 13 of the best, beautiful, amazing attractions and destinations in Greece to visit. The list includes not only the most popular attractions, but also lesser-known places.

The best places to visit in Greece. TOP 13.

№ 1. Gulf of Corinth

The long and the most beautiful bay in Greece. It has a length of 80 miles.

№ 2. Santorini Island

Recognized as the most beautiful island in Europe. The island of volcanic origin. He has long been a hallmark of Greece and the most beautiful natural attraction of Europe.

№ 3. Navagio Bay and the island of Zakynthos

Here is the most beautiful bay in the world. You can reach it only by sea.

№ 4. Mount Olympus

The mountain has a height of 2917 meters. Here is a lot of hiking trails.

№ 5. Crete

The largest Greek island with an abundance of natural and cultural attractions. The main natural attractions of Crete – the beach Elafonisi, Balos Bay and Samaria Gorge.

№ 6. Vikos Gorge


№ 7. Rhodes Island

The picturesque island with beautiful scenery, excellent beaches and cultural attractions.

№ 8.  Delphi

The oldest city in Greece.

№ 9. Diros Cave

№ 10. Meteora

№ 11. Cave Lake Melissani

№ 12. Mount Athos

№ 13. Lake Plastira

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