Transport & Logistics Average Salaries in United States July 2022

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Consider the average salaries in the US in the field of transport and logistics in July 2022. The average salary in the transportation and logistics industry is $60,015 per year. The highest salaries in this area are received by Airline Pilot ($103,480/year). School Bus Driver ($36,600/year) and Forklift Driver ($36,840/year) earn the lowest salaries in the transportation and logistics industry.

U.S. Average Salaries Transport and Logistics in July 2022

$60,015 / year
$5,001/ per month
$1,250/ per week

Average salary "Transport and Logistics" in July 2022

Airline Pilot = $103,480/year
Air Traffic Controller = $92,200/year
Warehouse Manager = $55,350/year
Delivery Driver = $50,560/year
Supply Chain Analyst = $61,850/year
Supply Chain Manager = $84,540/year
Freight Broker = $45,570/year
Helicopter Pilot = $78,320/year
Inventory Control Specialist = $49,380/year
Warehouse Manager = $55,350/year
Mail Carrier = $48,500/year
School Bus Driver = $36,600/year
Forklift Driver = $36,840/year
Commercial Pilot = $82,360/year
Truck Dispatcher = $47,330/year
Truck Driver = $57,680/year
Railroad Conductor = $42,380/year
Tow Truck Driver = $44,230/year
Logistics Manager = $67,550/year

U.S. Highest Salaries by "Transport and Logistics" July 2022

1. Airline Pilot
2. Air Traffic Controller
3. Supply Chain Manager
4. Commercial Pilot
5. Helicopter Pilot

U.S. Lowest Salaries by "Transport and Logistics" July 2022

1. School Bus Driver
2. Forklift Driver
3. Police Dispatcher

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