The best and beautiful ice rinks in the United States. TOP 10

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:Jan 5,2017

Winter – that’s no reason to sit at home! How to spend the winter?  Active pastime in the United States – it is ice rinks, ski resorts, spa, indoor pool and more. We have compiled a ranking of the best and most beautiful ice rinks in the United States. Each tourist must conquer these places! This is a great vacation for the whole family.

№ 1. Wollman Ice Rink, New York City

№ 2. Curry Village Ice Rink, Yosemite National Park

№ 3. National Gallery of Art Sculpture Park Garden Ice Rink, Washington


№ 4. Boston Common Frog Pond, Boston

№ 5. The Venetian, Las Vegas

№ 6. Rockefeller Ice Rink, New York City


№ 7. Beaver Creek, Colorado

№ 8. Millennium Park, Chicago

№ 9. Blue Cross River Rink, Philadelphia

№ 10. Pershing Square Rink, LA

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