TOP 5. Best hotels 5-stars in downtown Boston, Massachusetts

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:Mar 1,2017

Boston – the most visited city in Massachusetts. Excellent museums, architecture, entertainment venues, shopping centers, boutiques, parks, etc. If you value comfort, we recommend that you stay in the best hotels in Boston 5 star. Hotels on our list have high ratings and positive feedback.

№ 1. Boston Harbor Hotel – 5 stars

  • 0,5 mi from city center
  • The rating – 9.3

Lovely and modern hotel, which is located near Boston Harbor. Nearby are the best attractions in Boston. An ideal choice for sightseeing. The hotel has spacious rooms, excellent service, delicious food in bars and restaurants.

№ 2. Fifteen Beacon Hotel – 5 stars

  • 0,11 mi from city center
  • The rating – 9.2

One of the best hotels in Boston. Perfect for a romantic getaway and sightseeing. Located in the heart of Boston.

№ 3. InterContinental Boston – 5 stars

  • 0,48 mi from city center
  • The rating – 9.1

It located near the city center within walking distance from the Boston Harbor. High level of service, a large swimming pool, an excellent restaurant and comfortable rooms.

№ 4. Mandarin Oriental Boston 5*

  • 1,3 mi from city center
  • The rating – 9.1

It is offering excellent service, modern rooms and restaurants with various cuisines

№ 5. The Langham Boston 5*

  • 0,3 mi from city center
  • The rating – 9.1

Nearby are all the Boston attractions. An ideal choice for leisure travelers.  The hotel is in the downtown Boston with a large swimming pool and a high level of service.

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