U.S. Average Salaries: Finance (June, 2022)

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:Jun 21,2022

We analyzed average US salaries in finance (updated June 2022). Financial Advisor ($117,130/year), Finance Manager ($105,800), Investment Banker ($104,670) and Investment Manager ($102,650) receive the highest salaries in finance. The lowest salaries in finance are received by Bank Teller ($27,080), Personal Banker ($42,700) and Loan Processor ($44,570).

U.S. Average Salaries by Finance in June 2022

$73,880/ year
$6,156/ per month
$1,539/ per week

Average salary by specialty (Finance)

Financial Advisor = $117,130/year
Finance Manager = $105,800/year
Investment Banker = $104,670/year
Investment Manager = $102,650/year
Automotive F&I Manager = $95,980/year
Financial Controller = $90,030/year
Portfolio Manager = $89,630/year
Economist = $75,300/year
Financial Analyst = $73,560/year
Security Analyst = $70,250/year
Investment Banking Analyst = $68,400/year
Mortgage Underwriter = $67,440/year
Stock Broker = $59,450/year
Mortgage Broker = $58,640/year
Loan Officer = $55,750/year
Credit Analyst = $54,640/year
Loan Processor = $44,570/year
Personal Banker = $42,700/year
Bank Teller= $27,080/year

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