TOP 10. The most expensive US cities for life in 2019

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:Mar 31,2019

Compiled ranking of the most expensive cities in the US for life. The rating was based on the price of renting apartments with one and two bedrooms. San Francisco became the most expensive US city to live in 2019. The average price for renting a one-room apartment is $3,690. The list of cities with the highest rental prices for apartments included: San Francisco, New York, San Jose, Boston, Los Angeles, Oakland, Washington, Seattle, San Diego and Miami.

TOP 10. The most expensive US cities for life in 2019

List of citiesStateThe average rent for a one bedroom apartmentThe average rent for a two bedroom apartment
1. San FranciscoCalifornia$3,690$4,630
2. New YorkNew York$2,870$3,300
3. San JoseCalifornia$2,540$3,040
4. BostonMassachusetts $2,390$2,750
5. Los AngelesCalifornia$2,330$3,160
6. OaklandCalifornia$2,320 $2,720
7. WashingtonDistrict of Columbia$2,150$2,770
8. SeattleWashington$1,970 $2,630
9. San DiegoCalifornia$1,910$2,410
10. MiamiFlorida$1,790 $2,380

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