Average apartment rental prices in Boston (April 2019)

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What does a one-bedroom, two- bedroom and three-bedroom apartment cost to rent in Boston? We analyzed the prices (valid for April 2019) for the rental of apartments in the most expensive and cheap neighborhoods of Boston. The cheapest neighborhoods for living include: Mattapan, Hyde Park, Roslindale, Roxbury, East Boston, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Brighton, Allston, Mission Hill. The most expensive neighborhoods of Boston to life include: Downtown, South Boston Waterfront, Leather District, Back Bay, South Boston, South End, Charlestown, Fenway, Beacon Hill, North End and Longwood Medical Area.

Average prices for rental studios and apartments in Boston in 2019

Rent studios, apartments with one, two and three bedrooms.

Apartment type Average rental prices for 1 month
Apartment (1 bedroom)$2,400
Apartment (2 bedroom)$2,800
Apartment (3 bedroom)$3,300
Apartment (4 bedroom)$3,930

Popular neighborhoods of Boston: one bedroom apartment rental

List of popular neighborhoods of BostonAverage rent for a one-bedroom apartment
Beacon Hill$2,400
South Boston$2,800
Back Bay$2,900
South Boston Waterfront$3,000
Leather District$3,000
South End$2,700
North End$2,300
Longwood Medical Area $2,300
Mission Hill$2,100
East Boston$1,800
Jamaica Plain$1,850
Hyde Park$1,630
West Roxbury$1,810

The cheapest neighborhoods in Boston (April 2019)

The cheapest neighborhoods in Boston.Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment
1. Mattapan$1,500
2. Hyde Park$1,630
3. Roslindale $1,700
4. Roxbury $1,780
5. East Boston $1,800
6. West Roxbury$1,810
7. Jamaica Plain $1,850
8. Brighton$1,850
9. Allston$1,950
10. Mission Hill$2,100

The most expensive neighborhoods of Boston (April 2019)

The most expensive neighborhoods of BostonAverage rent for a one-bedroom apartment
1. Downtown$3,050
2. South Boston Waterfront$3,000
3. Leather District$3,000
4. Back Bay$2,900
5. South Boston$2,800
6. South End$2,700
7. Charlestown$2,600
8. Fenway$2,450
9. Beacon Hill$2,400
10. North End and Longwood Medical Area$2,300

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