Cost of living in Chicago in 2017: food, transport, real estate, salaries

Posted by:Aleksandr Belov Posted on:May 1,2017

Chicago – financial, economic and tourist center of Illinois. The city is home to over 2,700,000 people. What is the cost of living in Chicago in 2017? What are the costs for food, real estate rental, transportation, utilities, entertainment and much more? Information will be useful to tourists and those who plan to move to live in Chicago.

№ 1. The cost of food in supermarkets and shops in Chicago

Current prices for popular products: vegetables, fruits, cigarettes, alcohol, meat, greens, water, cheese, milk, bread, etc.

№ 2. Buy Apartment  Price and Daily Rent in Chicago in 2017

№ 3. Transportation costs

The fare for a taxi, public transport, gasoline.

№ 4. Rent Per Month and Utilities (Monthly) in Chicago

№ 5. Restaurants and cafes

Average account. Prices for drinks and meals.

№ 5. Price for hotels in Chicago in 2017

Price for 1 night for 2 guests: hotels 2,3,4 and 5 stars

№ 6. Additional expenses

Additional monthly expenses: fitness, cinema, tennis, the cost of a child (school, kindergarten), buying clothes (jeans, shoes, dresses, etc.).

№ 7. Average salaries and interest on mortgages in Chicago in 2017

  • The average salary per month is (After Tax) – 3664 $
  • Average salary per year (After Tax) – 43 968 $
  • Interest on mortgages (annual) – 3,95%

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