Prices in London in 2018: attractions, food, hotels and transport

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London is the most visited city not only in Europe, but also in the world. Every year, the capital of England is visited by about 20 million tourists. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Before the trip, evaluate your financial possibilities! To do this, we analyzed prices in London in 2018 for food in cafes, transport (buses, metro, taxis, bicycle and car rental), hotels, hostels and attractions. The following information will help you to create the optimal budget for your trip.

№ 1. Prices in London for hotels and hostels

RatingNumber of nights (Double Room)Dollar (USD)Pound sterling (GBP)
Hotels 1 *1 44.00-90.0033.65-68.84
Hotels 2 **145.00-150.0034.42-114.73
Hotels 3 ***147.00-230.0035.95-175.92
Hotels 4 ***155.00-300.0042.07-229.46
Hotels 5 ****190.00-650.0068.84-497.17
HostelsNumber of nights (single bed)19.00-55.0014.53-42.07
Wombats City Hostel London124.0018.36
Safestay London Elephant & Castle119.0014.53
Astor Hyde Park Hostel120.0015.30

№ 2. Prices in London in cafes and restaurants with a menu

Prices with menus in cafes, restaurants, pubs for salads, breakfasts, beer, smoothies, coffee, tea, milkshakes, desserts, seafood, dinners.

Average bill in the cafe (pubs, snackbars, bakeries, coffee houses)

Cafes (pubs, snackbars, bakeries). Average bill for 1 personPound sterling (GBP)Dollar (USD)
Total: the daily cost of food for 1 person 51.0067.12

Average bill in restaurants

Restaurants. Average bill for 1 personPound sterling (GBP)Dollar (USD)
Total: the daily cost of food for 1 person81.00106.60

Menu in the cafe

Menu (cafe, snackbars, pubs)Pound sterling (GBP)Dollar (USD)
Poached Eggs on Sourdough Toast 7.9010.40
Folded egg 8.9011.71
Brew Brunch Bowl10.0013.16
Blueberry Pancakes10.9014.34
Sweet Corn Fritters 12.0015.79
Toasted Banana Bread5.907.76
Treacle Cured Bacon Sandwich9.5012.50
Boston Baked Beans 8.9011.71
Grilled Lamb Kofta 7.009.21
Asparagus Quiche8.5011.19
Grilled Chicken, Gem & Chicory Salad7.009.21
Hake Fish Cakes15.0019.74
Tonkatsu Pork Cutlet 17.0022.37
Beef Teriyaki21.0027.64
Ground Chuck Steak15.0019.74
Lamb Skewers17.0022.37
Steak Frites16.0021.10
House Salad3.504.61
Treacle Cured Bacon4.505.92
Steamed Green Beans4.505.92
Creamed Spinach4.505.92
Oak Smoked Salmon5.206.84
Polenta Chips 4.505.92
French fries 4.505.92
Waffle Ice Cream Cones3.504.61
Peach Crumble 4.505.92
Lemon Panna Cotta7.9010.40
Margherita 7.009.21
Buffalo Mozzarella10.0013.16
Gorgonzola 9.0011.84
Artichoke 9.0011.84
Pepperoni & Chorizo9.0011.84
Earl Grey Tea2.903.82
Americano 2.703.55
Double Macchiato2.903.82
Iced Latte3.003.95
Green Tea
Juices (orange, apples, peach, plum)4.906.45
Milkshake 5.907.76
Hot Chocolate4.505.92

№ 3. Transport prices in London: taxi, metro, car rental

Types of transport
Dollar (USD)Pound sterling (GBP)
Taxi from airport Heathrow to city center London70.00-95.0053.54-72.66
3km (1,86 miles) taxi ride in London11.00-16.008.41-12.24
Metro from airport Heathrow to city center London7.926.00
Oyster card for transport 6.60From 5.00
One-way ticket (public transport within the city)
Rent a car (economy class) for one day
Ford Fiesta22.0016.83
Ford Focus24.0018.36
Hyundai i10 26.0019.89
Ford Mondeo35.0026.77
Kia Picanto42.0032.12
Bike rental
For 1 hour3.96-5.283.00-4.00
For 2 hours7.92-9.236.00-7.00
For 4 hours15.83-17.1512.00-13.00
For 24 hours22.43-23.7517.00-18.00

№ 4. Prices in London for entertainment and attractions

List of attractions Adults (USD)Children (USD)
British MuseumFreeFree
National Gallery
Tower of London28.36 Child (5-15) - 12.80
London Eye28.0023.00
SIghtseeing bus tour40.0020.00
St. Pauls Cathedral22.0010.00
Buckingham Palace31.0018.00
Westminster Abbey27.0023.00
Churchill War Rooms25.0013.00
Madame Tussauds45.0038.00
ZSL London Zoo32.0024.00
SEA LIFE London Aquarium43.0033.00

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