Prices in Seattle (Washington) in 2018: food, transportation, attractions

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Seattle is the largest seaport and city in the state of Washington. It is also one of the most beautiful cities in the US with picturesque nature, architecture, interesting museums and entertainment.  How much money to take in Seattle (Washington) in 2018?

We analyzed the prices in Seattle for:

  1. Food in the cafe, snack bars and restaurants. Average bill for 1 person.
  2. Menu with prices in cafes and restaurants for drinks, desserts, burgers, sides, hot sandwich, small plates, soups, salads, beverages.
  3. Hotels of different levels (from 1 to 5 stars)
  4. Prices for taxis, public transport, car and bike rental.
  5. Entertainment and attractions. Entrance tickets: Chihuly Garden and Glass, The Museum of Flight, Sky View Observatory, Museum of Pop Culture, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Great Wheel, Pacific Science Center.

№ 1. Prices for hotels in Seattle in 2018

Hotel ratingDouble Room in US Dollars (USD). 1 night
1 star50.00-95.00
2 stars60.00-150.00
3 stars70.00-230.00
4 stars110.00-350.00
5 stars180.00-500.00

№ 2. Food prices in Seattle: cafes and restaurants. Average account

A cafe. Average bill for 1 person

Average bill for 1 personUSD
Total: daily expenses for 1 person51.00

Menu in the cafe

Menu in the cafeUSD
Double Cheese13.00
Blackened Chicken Burgers10.00
Chili Burger9.00
Chicken Breast Burger 9.00
Garlik Bread3.25
Spicy Black Beans3.00
Potato salad 3.50
Tartar sauce1.30
Hot Sandwich 7.00-15.00
Classic Philly Cheesesteak10.60
BLT 8.30
Tuna Melt9.00
Mecca Steak Sandwich15.00
Grilled Cheese7.00
Small plates5.00-10.00
Fish & Chips9.50
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich8.50
Chicken Tenders 6.00
Plain Burger6.00
Hot Turkey Sandwic8.50
Soup & Salad6.00-14.00
Chicken Caesar salad 8.00
Lg Dinner Salad7.00
Wedge salad 10.00
Sundae 4.00
Ice cream2.60
Hot tea3.20
Hot chocolate
Juices (orange, tomato, etc.)4.00
Cappuccino 4.20
Bigelow Tea 2.00
Sumatra Mandheling 2.50
Domestic Beer 5.00
Imported Beer 6.00

Restaurants. Average bill for 1 person

Average bill in restaurantsUSD
Total: daily expenses for 1 person78.00

№ 3. Transport prices in Seattle in 2018

Types of transport
Taxi 3 mile (Normal Tariff)8.00-11.00
Taxi 1-hour Waiting 30.00
Taxi from airport Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to city center Seattle (13.8 miles)40.00-60.00
Local Transport
One-way Ticket 2.75
Rent a car (economy class) for one day30.00-50.00
Toyota Corolla40.00-50.00
Chevrolet Spark30.00-40.00
Ford Fusion Saloon45.00-50.00
Rent a bike
Half Day22.00-27.00
Full Day30.00-35.00

№ 4. Prices in Seattle for entertainment and attractions in 2018

List of attractionsAdults (USD) Children (USD)
Chihuly Garden and Glass$ 24(Ages 5-12) $ 14
The Museum of Flight
$ 12$ 7
Sky View Observatory$ 14.75(Ages 6-12) $ 9.75
Space Needle$ 22(ages 5-12) $ 14
Museum of Pop Culture$ 31(ages 5-17) $ 22
Museum of History & Industry
$ 19.95(14 & Under). FREE
Woodland Park Zoo
$ 14.95$ 9.95
Pacific Science Center
$ 21.95$ 15.95
Seattle Great Wheel$ 14(ages 3-11) $ 9

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