Singapore 2019 food prices: cafes, restaurants and food courts

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Singapore is one of the most expensive states in Southeast Asia. This country is made for perfectionists. It is clean, modern, beautiful and expensive. You should not come here with a couple of dollars in your pocket. Any journey begins with a budget for the rest! Today we look at the prices of food in Singapore in 2019 in cafes, restaurants, food courts and fast food establishments. The city has more than 10,000 cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget.

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Singapore 2019

Average bill: cafes, restaurants and food courts

Type of catering establishment
Average bill per person iin Singapore dollars (SGD)
Average bill per person in dollars (USD)
Cheap cafes and food courts. Lunch or dinner
10.00-15.00 SGD7,23-10,85 USD
Cafes and restaurants of the middle class. Lunch or dinner
25.00-35.00 SGD 18,08-25,31 USD
Fast food (McDonald's, Subway and others)
10.00 SGD 7,23 USD

Menu with prices in cafes and restaurants of the middle class

Menu with prices in cafes and restaurants of the middle classPrice in Singapore dollars (SGD)Price in USD
Snacks and starters
Crab cake
24.00 17,35
Salt & Pepper Calamari 20.0014,46
Prawn cocktail 31.00 22,42
Nachos (Mexican appetizer)
Melon & Parma Ham23.0016,63
Charcuterie board28.0020,36
Escargot bourguignonne (snails)21.0015,27
Snacks and starters: from and to14.00-32.0010,18-23,27
Omelet of three eggs with ham
20.00 14,46
Omelet with spinach, onions, peppers and tomatoes
20.00 14,46
Omelet Masala with spices and vegetables (chilli, green peppers, tomatoes and onions)19.00 13,74
Singapore Chili Crab Omelets22.0015,91
Classic American breakfast (bacon, chicken sausage, pork sausage, toast with two eggs, bacon and beans)
Breakfast: from and to
Soups and salads
Mushroom soup
Spicy Soup15.00 10,85
Spicy Soup15.00 10,85
Caesar Salad (classical)
19.00 13,74
Caesar salad with shrimps31.00 22,42
Caesar Chicken Breast
25.00 18,08
Caesar with bacon
24.00 17,35
Nicoise salad
30.00 21,69
Salads and soups: from and to
15.00-31.00 10,85-22,42
Main dishes

Chicken curry
25.00 18,08
Hokkien mee (fried noodles with shrimps)24.00 17,35
Yangzhou Fried Rice 22.00 15,91
Local dishes
Grilled chicken breast with vegetables and spices
28.00 20,36
Fried fish with french fries and sauce
32.00 23,14
Pasta and risotto
22.00-35.00 16.00-25,45
Main courses: from and to
20.00-35.00 14,46-25,31
Sandwiches, burgers
Burger marriott
28.00 20,25
Angus Burger
32.00 23,14
Falafel burger
28.00 20,25
Soft drinks: hot and cold
Double espresso
9.75 7,05
8.25 5,97
Black coffee9.75 7,05
Macchiato9.75 7,05
9.75 7,05
9.75 7,05
Hot chocolate9.757,05
Cold mocha
Cold cappuccino
15.00 10,85
Hot tea9.50 6,87
Mineral water (0.5 l)
9.00 6,51
Puddings, cakes and pies (1 piece)
14.00-15.00 10,12-10,85
Fresh fruits (assorted)
14.00 10,12
Ice cream (1 ball)
5.00 3,62
Chocolate Brownie14.00 10,12
Desserts: from and to
Alcoholic drinks
Beer (0.5 L) Tiger, Heineken, Erdinger, Kilkenny, Guinness.
15.00 10,85
Alcoholic cocktails to choose from: with vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, etc.22.00-28.00 15,91-20,25

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Aleksandr Belov

  • November 22, 2018 AT 10:51 am

We went to Singapore a couple of times. There you can buy sets for reasonable money.

We bought the set for 10.75 Singapore dollars (7.82 USD).

The kit includes:
Two chicken legs
Three nuggets
Mashed potatoes
A big glass of pepsi.

This is a great place to eat cheaply in Singapore in 2018-2019

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